If you are reading this, it’s still 2015 and Happier Green is still just a sapling. We’re working hard to plant the seeds of knowledge that will bloom into a green information hub covering a spectrum of core subjects including solar energy, geothermal energy, science news, and wind energy.

We want Happier Green to be a free marketplace of ideas where people come to validate they are making the best renewable energy decisions possible. In short, we understand how the innovation adoption curve works and want to give it a nudge in the right direction at this crucial point in time.


While it is certainly up for debate, the green movement is arguably still trudging along somewhere between early adopters and the early majority. We want to help the tipping point by pushing the movement into the hands of the late majority and laggards – a full 50-percent of the marketplace – to drive up demand, increase supply and lower prices.

Why do we care and what’s in it for us?

Well that’s a fair question. Quite simply, all important adoption cycles require people who are willing to go out on the road and beat the pavement until their knuckles turn green.

Like seed to the wind, we want these ideas to scatter and spread. This quest is both motivated by a genuine desire to affect positive change for the environment itself and to simply be a part of a watershed moment of growth and technological improvement. Since the technological revolution and the dawn of the information age, we’ve never seen more fertile ground for innovation and we believe the moment is out there for those who wish the seize it.

If there is a seat at the table of those who are on the right side of history, we really do want to be there as valued contributors. This is our bet on the future, and if you are reading this, we suspect it’s yours too.

The Founder of Happier Green

Marlon Heimerl (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email) is a writer, traveler, marketer and environmental enthusiast with more passion than he exactly knows what to do with it most days.


Born in Santa Fe, NM and educated in Madison, WI where he earned a BA in Journalism from UW – Madison, Marlon had the privilege of growing up in two of the nation’s most diverse and rather intriguing biomes (at least, in his eyes).

Early on, he adopted a fierce loyalty to nature and the protection and preservation of natural systems. Marlon believes that protecting nature is its own reward and couldn’t imagine a nobler pursuit in the 21st Century especially. With heroes ranging from Aldo Leopold and John Muir to Henry David Thoreau, Marlon minored in a mix of ecology and philosophy that greatly affect his ethic and outlook today.

Happier Green is still a passion project founded entirely out of the pockets of Marlon and his supporters. We intend to work on a grassroots level with like-minded environmental protection organizations, nonprofits, and tech companies to help develop and market the next generation of renewable energy and the art of living off-the-grid.


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