When You’re Green, You Grow

History’s greatest figures usually had one thing in common – they appeared on the global stage in a time of dire need. Whether it was liberating peoples from oppression or overcoming vexing technological or biological obstacles, these figures spearheaded change while unapologetically pushing society forward.

Here in the millennium, we’re presented once more with a clear and resounding call for change. With tipping points looming on natural resource depletion, population growth, deforestation, desertification and a myriad of woes depending on your place on the globe, the world needs sustainable energy solutions.

What We Deserve

We deserve to be happier. We deserve to be green. We deserve to stop burning nonrefundable resources that poison our planet and bankrupt our future! We deserve smarter legislation, real steps forward and a free flow of information on going green.

Truly sustainable and affordable renewable energy solutions at home – is it too much to ask?

We don’t need a hero; we need an army of heroes to start a grassroots movement that will turn the world greener. Happier Green is quite simply here to help that forward. With a free marketplace for ideas, true innovation is not only feasible, it is inevitable!

In the end, this movement can and will be grassroots and largely revolve around the internet. It will require thousands, then tens and even hundreds of thousands of us to dedicate our lives and do actual research as consumers, inventors and students. No one should have to go it alone and thanks to anyone who is actually taking the time to read the articles on this site, we don’t need to.

We’re on this journey together. It’s a journey of discovery and invention and the most obvious opportunity for a second technological revolution we’ve ever seen.

Happier Green supports the logical paradigm shift as peak oil looms: seeking truly sustainable, clean and affordable renewable energy solutions on a domestic and global scale.

The logic is simple when you break it down. To truly tap the wellspring of sustainable energy all around us – in solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, tidal energy and the flow of the Earth’s vitals everywhere we turn – demand must grow to create enough supply that prices become competitive. Of course, certain technologies and processes must also be greatly refined, but again demand will feed that refinement.

Why Be Happier Green Now?

To create demand, we must first create awareness, and then beyond, a majority call for real change and affordable solutions. Once this simple tipping point is reached it is logical to assume – and has been projected – that renewable energy sources will be as affordable as outdated fossil fuels in the foreseeable future.

So here we stand. What we choose at this critical point of no return will determine all things – so let’s do it right, together. How do we push this revolution forward? The only way we can – step-by-step, and with some good old fashioned research and education.

At the end of the day, this isn’t a market of competitors; it’s a market where we all triumph together! It is where the tragedy of the commons comes to an end and the virtuous spiral of renewable energy makes our past energy woes a bad memory.

Happier Green fundamentally seeks to bring people together and put this priceless information in front of the eyes of those who can make a difference.

This isn’t science fiction, it’s pure science. The answers are all around us just waiting to be utilized. Let’s learn, let’s share, let’s be happier green together.


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